Puerto Aventuras Golf Cart Rentals – Find the Best Cart at the Best Price

Puerto Aventuras Golf Cart Rentals – Everything you need to know

Renting a golf cart in Puerto Aventuras is absolutely the most fun way to get around this community. Whether you are here for a few days or a few months, having a golf cart to zip around PA will make your stay easier and a lot more fun. 

Puerto Aventuras golf cart rentals

The entirety of the Puerto Aventuras gated community is actually quite large, particularly if you are renting a condominium or villa in Phase 4. From that section of PA, getting to the shops and restaurants in the central marina would be quite a long walk. 

Regardless of which neighborhood you are staying in, if you are not planning to rent a car, a golf cart is the best way to comfortably get around and explore all that Puerto Aventuras has to offer. 

Fortunately, Puerto Aventuras golf cart rentals are easy to find. There are a number of places you can rent from. They will vary in the type of carts they offer and, of course, the rates they charge.

Where to find the best golf cart rental in Puerto Aventuras 

One of the most popular places for renting a golf cart in Puerto Aventuras is Bamboo Café, located in the Grand Marina complex just across from the school. 

Stella has a small fleet of carts, 4-seater gas and electric-powered models available for rent with rates that vary depending on the length of the rental. As with all golf cart rentals in PA, the longer you rent the cart, the lower the average daily rate. 

golf cart rental bamboo 1

A weeklong rental may end up being more economical than renting a cart for 5 days! Check the math and see what works best for you!

The biggest and most visible golf cart rental company in Puerto Aventuras is Bemare. Bemare has a main location in the parking lot near the PA Golf & Racquet Club which is where you will find the carts available for rent. They also offer motorized scooters, and pedal bikes for getting around Puerto Aventuras.

Bemare Puerto Aventuras Golf Cart Rentals

The rates will vary depending on the season and the current demand so you will want to contact them directly about the best rates for your dates. You can reserve in advance and they will deliver the cart to you.

Just across the street at Fantasy Mart, there is a fleet of carts, both gas and electric available to rent. Before you book, compare rates and see who will give you the best deal.

Another place to rent golf carts in Puerto Aventuras is through Jules Lifestyle, a concierge service based in Puerto Aventuras. There are several 2, 4 and 6-seater electric carts available, each with a charger, locks all at reasonable rates.

Julia´s carts are economically priced with rates starting at 39 USD per day.

golf cart rental latitude 20

If you are staying in one of the hotels or in a condominium that does not accommodate a place to charge your golf cart, a solar-powered cart may be the best option for you. While we are truly blessed with amazing weather and spectacularly sunny days, in the event of a rainy spell or even a few overcast days, your ability to use your solar-powered cart may be limited. 

solar powered golf cart

While all solar-powered carts have backup batteries, if you do not have access to power, you may be grounded until the weather clears. Just something to keep in mind as refunds are not issued due to bad weather. Solar-powered golf carts in Puerto Aventuras are available from Oscar and EnviroCarts if you decide that this is the best option for you.

Things to know before renting a golf cart in Puerto Aventuras

Before you hand over your pesos and drive off in your golf cart, give it a once over. Rental golf carts get a lot of wear and tear so some damage is to be expected. Take note of any existing damage before you finalize the rental. 

Be sure to give the cart a little test drive. Check the acceleration, the brakes, lights and the parking brake. If the cart is electric, make sure it has a charger that works and that you know how to use it properly.

The cart should come with a lock. Golf cart “theft” in PA is not a problem but golf cart “borrowing” and kids going for a joyride is a bit of an issue. Almost any golf cart key will fit in any cart to a lock is an essential deterrent. It’s best to keep the cart locked whenever you leave it. 

Each golf cart in Puerto Aventuras is registered with Colonos and has a number assigned to it. In the unlikely event your golf cart goes missing, simply contact Colonos and the front gate to report it. Chances are, it will be found quickly and in one piece. 

puerto aventuras colonos golf cart sticker

If the cart is electric and has a charger, it must be locked to the cart or brought inside securely every night. A charger that goes missing will cost over 700 USD to replace and you may be held liable for that cost if the charger goes missing during your rental contract. Likewise, if you are provided with an extension cable, be sure to secure that inside your condo or villa when not in use.

Rules for Puerto Aventuras Golf Cart Rentals 

You may have noticed that living in Puerto Aventuras is a bit like being in a bubble. Puerto Aventuras does indeed operate with its own set of rules and a few of them pertain to golf cart usage.

You must be 16 years of age to operate (drive) a golf cart inside the PA resort community 

In your travels, you are bound to see local PA youngsters riding alone or with friends. They can be seen going to and from school and their various extracurricular and social activities and, for the most part, they do so responsibly. 

child in golf cart

However, this does go against the PA bylaws and is certainly not encouraged for visitors. Puerto Aventuras golf cart rental companies will not rent a cart to anyone under the age of 18.

Use dedicated golf cart parking areas

There is dedicated golf cart parking available around the commercial center of PA . The spots for golf carts are well-marked. Please do not park in the areas meant for cars and other vehicles. The parking in Puerto Aventuras is limited and we all have to do our best to make it work.

Please drive responsibly at all times

It goes without saying that you should not operate a golf cart (or any vehicle) if you have been drinking or are otherwise impaired. Better to lock the cart in place and walk home. You can always retrieve it the next day.

dont drink and drive

If you are driving your golf cart at night, please make sure the lights are on

The roads in Puerto Aventuras are speed-controlled with “topes” and “vados”. If you hit one at running speed, you are in for a nasty surprise. You may be thrown from the cart and injured and the cart may be damaged.

Follow the rules of the road

A golf cart can navigate the streets all over Puerto Aventuras just as any other motorized vehicle. That being said, please do try to stay to the right of the road (minding the bike lanes at all times) to allow faster-moving vehicles to pass. 

puerto aventuras speed limit

The speed limit in Puerto Aventuras is 30 kph so it’s likely you will be overtaken by cars, trucks and motorcycles. Please let them pass safely. 

Use standardized cyclist hand signals

Most of the golf carts in PA do not have any sort of indicators. Please use the standardized hand signals for cyclists to signal when you are planning to make a turn.

Stay inside the gated community 

If you rent a golf cart in Puerto Aventuras, it is to be used inside the gates of the community. You may not drive a golf cart along the highway or across the way into the poblado. You may however exit the gates to access the gas station, convenience store and restaurants just outside the gates. Security should allow you to pass out and back in freely. Just be very careful with all the traffic at the gate.

Puerto Aventuras Golf Cart Rental

Renting a golf cart in Puerto Aventuras is surely going to enhance the quality of your time here and allow you to really enjoy all that the resort community has to offer. It’s fun and affordable and the best way to get around while enjoying our fantastic Caribbean weather. 

Click on the link to download a complete listing of Puerto Aventuras golf cart rentals in the Puerto Aventuras Living Directory.

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