The Riviera Maya has many treasures but perhaps none so unique as its mystical cenotes. No trip to Puerto Aventuras would be complete without a visit to at least one of these remarkable locations. You can explore them on your own in an afternoon or combine your cenote visit with a tour of the archeological sites. Some cenotes are easy to find with parking and a range of amenities. Some are well-hidden and can only be reached after trekking through the dense Mayan jungle. No matter which you visit, each one is special and visiting a cenote (or two) should be on every Riviera Maya itinerary.

Best Cenotes Near Puerto Aventuras  

Inside a cenote with beautiful clear water.
The Riviera Maya is known for its mystical and breathtaking cenotes and no holiday would be complete without exploring at least one.  The moment you break through the jungle and see the crystal clear water through the greenery, shimmering with a million shades of blue…turquoise, aquamarine, cerulean…you will understand immediately why the ancient Maya revered these sites and considered them sacred.