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Chess Classes in Puerto Aventuras

Chess classes are now being offered in Puerto Aventuras 

If you have been looking for chess classes in Puerto Aventuras for yourself or your children, classes will begin at the Colegio Puerto Aventuras. The classes will be taught by Prof. Jaime A. Benítez, President of the Club de Ajedrez Guardia Nocturna.

There will be classes appropriate for children and adults and all levels of play, beginner through advanced. 

The classes will be held Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the morning. Please check the fliers below for class times. 

Chess is an amazing game to learn and practice at any age. These chess classes in Puerto Aventuras are a wonderful opportunity to introduce your children to a game that can have long-lasting benefits socially and academically.

chess classes in puerto aventuras
clases de ajedrez puerto aventuras
chess classes puerto aventuras
clases de ajedrez puerto aventuras

What benefits does chess bring to children?

Practicing chess helps develop higher-order thinking skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, planning, and creativity.

It has also been found that chess training and practice can also enhance general cognitive ability and scholastic achievement – especially in mathematics.

children playaing chess in puerto aventuras

As a civil game, chess involves an ethical code that encourages players to act respectfully.

Fairness and honesty are two of the most prominent virtues of chess. The international chess community promotes civil behavior and respect for the opponent. There are clear repercussions for players who are found to be cheating. 

Many children, including those with disabilities, can benefit educationally and psychologically from chess training.

The game of chess reinforces affective attributes such as patience, prudence, and perseverance.

How can chess be beneficial to seniors?

Seniors can benefit from learning and playing chess in various ways. 

The range of cognitive benefits includes the refinement of higher-order thinking skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, planning as well as enhanced creativity.

seniors playing chess in puerto aventuras

Chess supports the development of vigilance and awareness. The game of chess can involve many traps and tricks. Seniors can learn to deal with them which may potentially help them avoid scams and decrease the possibility that they might be taken advantage of in everyday life.

Playing chess can help the elderly develop mental sharpness and cognitive vitality, thereby reducing the risk of developing dementia.

Finally, chess can serve as a wonderful source of fun and cognitive stimulation for people of all ages as it can be a great social outlet.

For more information about Chess Classes in Puerto Aventuras:

For more information about chess classes in Puerto Aventuras, contact Prof. Jaime A. Benítez directly at +52 984 208 5573.

If you have a class or workshop that you think would be of interest to the Puerto Aventuras community, please send us a message through our Contact Form.

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