Nohoch Surf Team Advances to 2022 Nationals

Puerto Aventuras Surfers Advance to the 2022 National Surfing Championship in Ixtapa

This week, 17 of the top surfers, body boarders and SUP paddlers in Quintana Roo traveled to Ixtapa’s famous “Playa Linda” in Zihuatanejo, Mexico to compete in the 2022 National Surfing Championships. Most of the state’s top shortboard surfers train right here in Puerto Aventuras under the guidance of Coach Joe Madden, leader of the Nohoch Surf Team.

Photo of Nohoch Surf Team in Puerto Aventuras

10 members of the Nohoch tribe, including Madden, will be representing Quintana Roo at the national championships this week.

  • Joe Madden – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. Adult Open
  • Clayton Schisler – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 11-12
  • Sloan Michael – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 11-12
  • Rhodes Savage – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 11-12
  • Nicolas Batt – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 11-12
  • Kanon Jackson – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 13-14
  • Zoe Scharer – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 13-14
  • John Rogers – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 13-14
  • Lucas Batt – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 15-16
  • Zalan Endrefi – Shortboard Surfing – Cat. 15-16

Each athlete trained hard and qualified to compete in the 2022 National Surfing Championships at the State Championships held in October in Cancun.

Photos of the Nohoch Surf Team in Puerto Aventuras

The team has received recognition and support from the State of Quintana Roo in the form of uniforms and other branded gear. A portion of the funds required for airfare, accommodation and other related travel expenses were raised by the kids themselves. The Nohoch Surf Team has received great interest and support from the community which is just one of the many reasons to love Puerto Aventuras!

Photo of the Nohoch Surf Team in Puerto Aventuras

The surf competition in Ixtapa began on November 8th and will conclude on November 20th. The Shortboard surfing categories began today with great results from all of our local surfers! 

Nohoch Surf Team member surfing

Riviera Maya Surfing

There are a lot of great activities for kids and adults in Puerto Aventuras and surfing is definitely near the top of the list. If you are interested in surfing or getting your kids involved, check out Nohoch Surf right here in Puerto Aventuras. You can find more information and updates about surfing competitions and events on the ASQROO Asociacion de Surf Quintana Roo Facebook page and on the FEMEXSURF Federación Mexicana de Surfing Facebook page.

Video Credit: Kevin Batt

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