Is Uber Cancun a Reality? New Agreement with the Taxi Union Announced

For years, visitors and residents in Cancun have been on the sidelines of a simmering conflict between traditional taxi services and Uber, the global ride-hailing giant. The city’s taxi drivers, concerned about competition, have vehemently opposed the presence of Uber Cancun, leading to protests and legal challenges.

Calling an Uber

This longstanding tension has raised questions about the feasibility of integrating modern ride-sharing services into Cancun’s transportation landscape. However, recent developments signal a potential turning point.

Today’s groundbreaking agreement between Uber Cancun and the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Union allows taxi drivers to operate under the Uber platform and marks a significant step towards the integration of traditional transport services and app-based ride-hailing platforms.

Taxi Unions vs Uber Cancun: A History of Conflict

Launched with the promise of providing a modern, app-based ride-hailing service, Uber quickly became popular among tourists and locals in hundreds of destinations across the globe, seeking safe, convenient transportation.

In many places, including Merida and Mexico City, this introduction was met with fierce resistance from the established taxi industry, which viewed Uber as a threat to their livelihood. Likewise, Uber’s entry into Cancun’s transportation market sparked immediate controversy.

Cancun Taxis Protest Uber

The tension escalated into protests, often disrupting city traffic and leading to confrontations. Suspected Uber drivers were attacked, their tires punctured, vehicles damaged and even in some cases, set on fire.

In addition to the hostile reaction from local taxistas, Uber Cancun faced numerous legal challenges, including regulatory roadblocks and licensing disputes, complicating its operations in the region.

This ongoing conflict not only created a hostile environment for Cancun Uber drivers but also impacted the city’s transportation dynamics. Tourists and residents often found themselves caught in the crossfire, facing limited transportation options and uncertainty.

This ongoing strife highlighted the need for a balanced approach to integrating new technology-driven services into Cancun’s existing transportation framework. While alternative transportation service companies such as USA Transfers, Canada Transfers, Cancun Airport Transportation, Taxiyo and dozens of other ground transportation companies have coexisted with taxis for decades, Uber has been left out in the cold.

In reality, Uber has been functioning in the shadows, in limited locations in Cancun for several years. However, the lack of a solid arrangement with the union controlling the taxis in the municipality of Benito Juarez kept the service from making any significant impact in the ground transportation market.

The Landmark Agreement

In a significant breakthrough, Uber and the Andrés Quintana Roo Union, representing Cancun’s 8000+ taxi drivers, reached a landmark agreement. This pact allows taxi drivers to join the Uber platform, effectively merging traditional taxi services with Uber’s digital system.

Taxis in Cancun Join Uber Cancun

Under this agreement, taxi drivers can register as Uber Cancun partners, adhering to the same operational standards and pricing models as existing Uber drivers.

Heriberto Núñez, the General Secretary of the Andrés Quintana Roo Union, hailed the agreement as historic, offering taxi drivers new opportunities for income and growth. Nicolás Sánchez, Director of Public Policies at Uber Mexico, emphasized the potential for improved service quality and customer experience, highlighting the commitment to maintaining consistent standards across both taxi and Uber services.

The implications of this agreement are far-reaching for both taxi drivers and Uber partners. It promises to enhance income prospects for taxi drivers while expanding service options for Uber Cancun users. This integration is expected to streamline the transportation experience in Cancun, benefiting both service providers and consumers.

Uber in Cancun: Economic and Social Implications

The integration of Cancun’s taxi drivers with Uber is poised to yield significant economic benefits. Taxi drivers now have access to Uber’s large customer base, potentially increasing their earnings and job security.

Taxi in Cancun

This collaboration also promises to enhance urban mobility in Cancun by reducing wait times and offering more transportation options, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the city’s transport system.

Socially, this agreement marks a pivotal step towards resolving the long-standing conflict between traditional taxi services and modern ride-sharing platforms. It sets a precedent for cooperation and adaptation in the face of technological advancements, fostering a more harmonious relationship between different stakeholders in the transportation sector.

This development not only benefits drivers and passengers but also contributes to the broader social and economic stability of Cancun.

What Does this Mean for Users?

The agreement between Uber and Cancun’s taxi union marks a significant step towards resolving past conflicts and integrating modern ride-sharing solutions in Mexico’s most popular tourist destination.

User waiting for Uber

While taxi drivers can register as Uber Cancun partners they must adhere to the same operational standards and pricing models as existing Uber drivers. Uber users will be able to distinguish between drivers who are Uber Cancun partners and traditional taxi drivers using the app so they will have a choice about the vehicle and type of transportation experience they desire.

Final Thoughts About Uber in Cancun

It remains to be seen whether Cancun’s 8000+ taxi drivers are ready for a seamless and cooperative integration of Uber into its transportation network.

As they say, the “devil is in the details” and the details of this agreement have not yet been made public. While we have used Uber in many of our travels throughout Mexico, for now, we will be taking a “wait and see” approach to using Uber Cancun, especially when getting from the airport to locations along the Riviera Maya.

If this initiative is successful, it could serve as a valuable blueprint for other municipalities in Mexico like Solidaridad and Tulum where they are still navigating the complexities of integrating traditional and app-based transportation services.

Safety Tips for Using Taxis

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  1. I do understand the issues with Uber and taxis. But I love when clean and fast Ubers are available when we travel. Good to know a reasonable agreement was reached in Cancun. It will be interesting how this will work out.


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